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FIST Leather Gun Belts

Based out of Brooklyn, NY; FIST Leather specializes in handmade gun holster and gun belts.  The belts that they offer are made from double thick cowhide.  Interestingly enough FIST only produces gun belts in a 1 1/4" or 1 1/2" width.  They don't offer a 1 3/4" model.


FIST also offers the added $10.00 option of having the strong side (based on your shooting hand) additionally reinforced with a polymer insert. Although this does provide some excellent reinforcement, it also adds some significant width to the belt itself. So much so, that you may have trouble actually running the belt through the loops on your holster without stretching them out.

Another point with FIST involves their leather colors.  FIST offers about 9 completely different colors of leather. Although the color of leather dye varies greatly across the industry, some of the FIST leather colors can be misleading.  For example, cordovan is typically a cross between brown and black.  However, the FIST version of cordovan looks just like black.  If you compare it to black, it's a tad lighter. My tip: Before you choose a color, take the time to review the example colors that they have on their web site.  Otherwise, you might not get exactly the color that you were expecting.

Another suggestion if you decide to deal with FIST: If you plan to order multiply pieces from them like a holster and a gun belt or a holster and a mag carrier; make sure that you order everything together.  I say this so that all the items can be dyed together at one time to ensure consistency. If you order the items at different times and they are dyed separately, there is no guarantee that it will match (take it from experience on this one). Consistency in dyeing doesn't seem to be one of their strong points.

Overall, I'd rate their belts as good, but their customer service could use some work.


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